Andrew's Story: One Boy's Journey Back From Autism



Andrew was a delightful, happy, smart, and easygoing baby. He went to bed at eight p.m. every night and slept until morning. He rarely cried and even woke up happy. He loved playing with his big brother and learning new skills. Then, almost overnight, everything changed. Andrew started waking up several times during the night, screaming. He had to be watched constantly and he created chaos everywhere. He threw tantrums and no one knew what he wanted. He stopped looking at his family and had a blank, distant stare. His words stopped and were replaced with gibberish. It was heartbreaking to watch this transformation and not be able to do anything about it. As parents, we were desperate to help him. Alternative care coupled with our gut instinct finally gave us the first glimmer of hope. Through hard work, proper diet, nutrition, and focused educational programs, Andrew came out of the world of autism in which he was trapped. He is now an easygoing, happy, athletic teenager.


ISBN#  978-1-4512-7029-7

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I wrote a book about Autism. My son no longer has the characteristics of Autism. I used alternative medicine.

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